EOS M - Full frame raw with Viltrox speed booster

Started by alpicat, December 05, 2018, 03:48:33 PM

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I finally received the Viltrox speed booster for my EOS M, which means it's now an ultra cheap full frame raw video camera (£120 for the speed booster + £100 for the camera 2nd hand)!
Here's my first footage using the whole sensor area. 

Resolution is 1736x1042 (14-bit lossless raw) in 3x3 mv1080p mode. The speed booster provides 0.71x magnification which gives the EOS M a 1.14x crop compared to 35mm full frame. Lens used - Tamron adaptall 35-70mm f3.5. Didn't need to use the SD US overclock card hack as at this resolution the record times are fairly good. Also I forgot to remove the focus pixels on MLVapp.


Wow. that is really cool. COuld you share some more footage maybe shortened MLV? Something with details?
By the way. you can now record lossless also in 12 and 10bit through this build:




Here's a link to two MLV files from the footage I shot - one is the long clip from the video, and the other is a short clip which shows a bit of aliasing (however if you export as prores with "smooth aliasing" enabled on mlvapp, that removes the aliasing):
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dy3Qhpb0OEl8mR3kRpu58daFSVYxviQ7   (3gb)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dy3Qhpb0OEl8mR3kRpu58daFSVYxviQ7  (274mb)

Sorry didn't get the chance to shoot anything else yet.

I'll try the new build you linked to, thanks for that! When you say 12 and 10bit lossless recording does that also work when shooting in 5x zoom mode at 2520x1304 resolution or are you referring to the 3x3 mv1080p mode?

Edit: I've tried your latest build - shooting 9 or 10 bit in 5x zoom mode at 2520x1308. I am stunned, the image quality and level of clarity is insane! Thanks so much for this - look forward to testing further!


It has a USB port for "firmware updates" with the connector inside of the adapter -- really? What on earth for? The pins are hardwired, aren't they?


The adapter changes the reported focal length and aperture, that needs a cpu and firmware.
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I see, interesting. Found their website and it looks like they recently posted a firmware update for this adapter.



I just bought what I think is the complete EOS-M setup (minus some power stuff).

The adapter mentioned here: Viltrox EF-EOS M2
VILTROX Canon EF-EOS M AF adapter mount (normal without focal reducer)

Tamron af 17-50mm f2,8 sp xr di-ii ld aspherical (if)
Tokina AT-X PRO 11-16mm 1:2.8 SD (IF) DX

VILTROX DC-70 HD 7 inch Professional ­High-definition Monitor
VILTROX L116T Led light
Viltrox VL-200 led light

G6 Plus Fyfeiyutech Gimblal.
2 x Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB

Everything, plus the Eos m with kit lens and bag/flash, for 1430 Euros total. Exited to see what I can do with this.

Unfortunately, even with the newest firmware the Viltrox EF-EOS M2 adapter does not seem to work with the Tamron af 17-50mm.
Also, havent tested the gimbal with adapter and the lenses. Lets see if it works. Its rated for 800g but with adapter and and lenses it will probably weigh around 1200g.


Great! Ordered a viltrox myself. Eosm totally rocks the boat.



EOS M + 5D3


Just took delivery of a Viltrox EF-EOS M2 adapter and tried it with my Sigma 12-24 DG.

Here is a screen shot where ML reports 8mm, when I'm at 12mm, and my DoF Bar shows all the right stuff, eg:

* I'm focused at 1.51m and at an aperture of F/5.6
* The near DoF is at 45cm with a focus blur of 19micron (as I have diffraction aware on).
* As I'm focused past the hyperfocal, DoF Bar is reporting I have an infinity focus blur of 8 microns, that diffraction is contributing 7 microns to the over all blur, and that the quadrature total blur is 10 micons.

I'll keep on experimenting, but it looks to be a success so far ;)




Does it accept EF-S lenses?

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I believe you will get vignetting.




Quote from: dfort on December 07, 2018, 11:03:06 PM
Does it accept EF-S lenses?

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Unfortunately not Canon ef-s (maybe those are the only ones called that?). Those lenses protrude and will hit the glas. Other lenses for aps work, like my Tokina, but sadly some firmware issues with the Tamron. But yes, you will get vignetting. I can take some pictures to illustrate.


@dfort  You can use Canon ef-s lenses + Viltrox when shooting in 5x zoom mode without any vignetting (since the resultant crop is 2.36x from 35mm full frame assuming you shoot at max res of 2520x1308), however at the wide end the rear lens element might hit the Viltrox glass - depending on which ef-s lens you use. First step is to remove the plastic part which protrudes from the back of the ef-s lens, either by sawing it off or using your fingers depending on lens. After this modification, you can fit the lens on the Viltrox: my ef-s 17-55mm and 10-18mm both hit the Viltrox glass at their widest setting (so you can't use the widest 2mm or so), but my ef-s 17-85mm doesn't. Unfortunately my three ef-s lenses are all broken (various electronic failures) so won't be able to test them properly till I get them fixed!

@garry23  glad your experiments with the speedbooster are going well!


Right, I was just wondering if the adapter prevents EF-S lenses from mounting like on a full frame Canon camera.

Looks like a few people here bought it. Any reports and samples?

There's been a lot of speculation about the soon to be released Nikon Noct Z mount 58mm f0.95 manual focus lens. Mount a Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM on the Viltrox speed booster and you should get something close to that Nikon lens for APS-C but with auto focus, right? Of course it will look a little odd mounted on the EOSM and low light performance isn't a strong point of the smaller Canon cameras but hey--you would do this because you can.


Still waiting for mine. Thinking the sigma 20mm f1.4 would do pretty well with this set up.


firmware image contains the string "MSDOS5.love" and the mail [email protected].
it is probably this user:
whc1223 - https://nikonhacker.com/search.php?author_id=4608&sr=posts

couldnt identify the exact format. contains a header and looks as if it was scrambled with a 16 byte xor key
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Someone trying to reverse engineer Nikon firmware is trying to keep others from reverse engineering his lens adapter code? I also took a look at the firmware and saw that string and email address. Pretty obvious:


Quote from: Danne on December 24, 2018, 09:16:14 AM
Still waiting for mine. Thinking the sigma 20mm f1.4 would do pretty well with this set up.

Right on the money. Dig that glass and use it quite a bit!
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Quote from: dfort on December 27, 2018, 03:16:03 AM
Someone trying to reverse engineer Nikon firmware is trying to keep others from reverse engineering his lens adapter code? I also took a look at the firmware and saw that string and email address. Pretty obvious:

Ms-Dos Love :)

should we contact the guy?


Hi, im in trouble....i installed MG on my EOS M, and a missing this options on the menu:

"Movie crop Mode"
"Crop Mode"
"Sd UHS"

Also a dont have the sheet icon, so i cant be able to record en 2.5k
please help!!!
(my firmware is updated to 2.02)