Author Topic: Can you record with 3x crop rec and in 60fps at the same time with 5D3  (Read 592 times)


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Hi Magic Lantern members! :)

I just did some small recordings last week in squeezed 1920px 60fps and thought I could use the 5x zoom button (that crops to 1x1pixel at 3x crop on 5D3) at feature I usually never use at the same time as i record 60fps slowmotion.
If I want to record slowmotion at the same time as croprecord I guess I need to find a sweetspot without the Canon 60fps setting and instead only use ML fps override with 45fps or what the camera can capture for a short time in 1080p resolution.

I got glitches on everyframe when combining crop rec and 60fps squeezed mode on all clips. Which didn't matter since it was just for fun and a test.

Happy rawing :)