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Started by snikolov, October 29, 2018, 05:09:10 PM

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Hi guys!
i've done serious shit.
So i haD canon 70d. a laser broke my sensor so ive checked youtube video and i was thinking that i can change it. So it was not so hard, BUT when ive put the new screen and when i unplugged all of the cables i was broke something ... something of the mainboard. So i've lost 1 or 2 small components. Theyre near to the flipscreen cable. TOmmorow i'll make some pictures about the location. So my question now is where i can find a scheme to check what was the components and to put them again cuz right now the camera is okay. Its working. I can calibrate the focus BUT the backscreen is black , dark.. it doesnt want to power on. I was tallk with a man in a camera service... he told me if we can have the scheme, we'll power it again. So... can you help me...