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ML Rookie checking in...


Hey friends...

There's a question below about AUTOREMOTESHOT in that stuff below...

I was actually considering giving away to friend a T3 I had still laying around collecting dustmites and I was looking for something interesting to hinge the conversation on while giving the camera away, and I stumbled across Magic Lantern totally out of nowhere.. saw a video on YouTube etc...  So I downloaded the nightlybuild version and I've tinkered around with it, but I actually got interested in the firmware really mostly because I was intrigued by a feature I saw in the video called AutoRemoteShot.  And I can get right into the same menu with the same options listed above and below where it is seen in the video etc etc but that particular feature is absent -- it's literally not onscreen for me..

So, of course I'm wondering if this is because of the model of the camera ? It doesn't seem to me to be such a high-end technical area, like image processing algorithms or similar... to me, it doesn't seem that complex a function, just something that Canon didn't include for that camera at that price-point but that an ML programmer figured out and provided... but I don't see it in my particular build, which strikes me as odd... 

Any replies welcomed....

Thanks friends...

Walter Schulz:
Feature set matrix:
Audio Remote Shot not supported for T3/1100D.

Some additional hardware needed for audio triggering via TRS. There are several solutions among them

Might be just a matter of enabling it and checking whether it works; as long as audio meters are working, I see no reasons why it wouldn't work. Worst case - if Canon code disables the audio device when not needed, it will only work in movie mode.

FEATURE_BEEP might work as well. Looks like audio features were disabled in the initial ports, then - judging from the change log - I doubt anyone tried to enable them.


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