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a few doubts
« on: October 16, 2018, 11:46:34 PM »
good day friends,
a few doubts if you can help me

- I notice that if I don't override the fps, it always goes to 29fps, why is this, I want 24fps, I set 24 on the camera, but it goes to 29, unless I override it (which takes sound out)

- if i put ML on SD card and record to a CF, even if in prefs I have preferred card CF, still wont work.  I have to install ML  to CF and record to the CF for it to record raw video properly to the CF

- I  hear about crop mode capabilities that allow to do amazing things,  I see videos where people have  a crop option in the menus but  I cant find it anywhere, I have installed experimental builds for 10 bits and etc, but where is that module?

- what CF do u recommend to record 3.5K?

thanks very much