5D Mark III - Shutter Social (REC2020 HDR10)

Started by djvalic, August 06, 2018, 10:36:00 AM

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Took my mark III to a local community event. A group of local photographers and videographers took the streets and filled some memory cards.

Exported and uploaded in REC2020 HDR10 to YouTube. I'm still messing with the curves to get the most out of the camera but i am happy with the daylight shots.


What was your workflow for HDR?
It seems like you dont have HDR display for colorgrading.


MLV ->DNG-> DaVinci Resolve-YouTube
In DaVinci Resolve I set input to Rec709 timeline set to EC2020 and export to REC2020. I use the MagicBox sugested custom curve and fine tune color whith wheels. Then use the HDR10 tool in Resolve to prevent highlight clipping. When i upload to youtube it says its HDR. When i play on my monitor and phone it switches to HDR. Did i miss a step to achive HDR?


Quote from: djvalic on August 07, 2018, 01:45:14 AM
I set input to Rec709

This is what is wrong.
You're compressing eveything to a small color space, then expanding it to a larger one.
Convert MLV to CinemaDNG. Go to Resolve and configure it like this image bellow. Do the color grading and export to ProRes 422. I suggest you don't make these "teal and orange" forced gradings, as its very ugly visually, especially if you use some LUT to do it automatically.


I see what you mean. Thank you. Grading in HDR is delicate. I feel like this is what power windows was made for. Fine tunning all the new colors.