Author Topic: Menu clean-up/redo: Relocation of "Intervalometer Script" and "Post scripts"  (Read 452 times)

Walter Schulz

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There are 2 menu items in Shoot -> Shoot preferences: "Post scripts" and "Intervalometer Script".
Post scripts are optional used/generated by Adv. Bracketing and Focus stacking.
Intervalometer Script solely by "Intervalometer".

Q: Is it possible to move these items where they are used?
- Create double menu entry "Post scripts" in "Focus" -> Focus Stacking" and "Shoot -> Adv. Bracketing". Yes, same function, 2 menu entries.
- Menu item "Intervalometer script" moved to "Shoot -> Intervalometer". I think renaming to something like "Helper script" should be done because it is obvious we're in Intervalometer.

EDIT: I have no problems with "global" settings "Snap Simulation" and "Pics at once" placed in "Shoot Preferences". I just don't like features linked to specific options here (even if they affect 2 or more features). Makes no sense for me to leave menu for a feature (Intervalometer, Focus Stacking, Adv. Bracketing ... to name some) and move here to a) make sure I have the proper setting and b) to adjust it to my need.
And yes, if you're suspecting I'm gonna ask for "Use Autofocus" to be moved/spread, too.