How do I create a .BAT that mounts MLVFS.exe & runs browser with http://localh..

Started by erikbaldwinson, August 08, 2018, 12:17:35 AM

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Generally I have been starting CMD and typing in the following..

C:\MLVFS_x64>mlvfs.exe Z:\ --mlv_dir=H:RAW

and then running microsoft edge and clicking a bookmark that launches http://localhost:8000/

When I created a .BAT that included the command to start explorer or microsoft edge (microsofts new browser) and load http://localhost:8000/ I had all sorts of weird things happen depending on the code I put in the .BAT file. Ex. 1. .BAT file required two clicks to load the launch the browser and thus unmounting the drive. 2. http://localhost:8000/ was a white blank screen and 3. finally windows blocked mlvfs.exe and made the program 0 bytes - turned off windows smartscreen and security features to no avail.

Wondering if anyone knows how to launch MLVFS, and a browser with the http://localhost:8000/ page loaded in one .BAT file? Maybe even launch resolve as well all in one click?