Author Topic: Trigger recommendation to replace ML temporarily?  (Read 1435 times)


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Trigger recommendation to replace ML temporarily?
« on: June 03, 2018, 05:14:57 PM »
Hello guys, I am a T6i/750D user and I have been waiting for the ML for 2 years now and still got nothing. (If you happen to be involved in its development, do you know how close we are? a few weeks, months, or years?)

I wonder, can you gurus recommend a trigger that can somewhat do most what ML is capable of? Such as HDR, timelapse, shutter trigger, sound trigger, exposure trigger? I know zebra overlay and such would be impossible to archive using triggers, but if I can get a stable live view on the cellphone via the trigger, that will be somewhat useful.

I have looked into these following, but have no hands-on experience. Any recommendations? Thank you so much!

Arsenal (forever in pre-order, no lighting trigger)
pulse (No live view, no lightning trigger)
pluto (No live view, with lightning trigger, $124)
cambuddy (with live view, with lightning, $200)
miops (No live view, with lightning, $220)
Case air
Unleashed by
A red cable which received lots of great reviews but was discontinued