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Started by eraizgn, April 25, 2018, 12:39:36 AM

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Magic Lantern works with that card for 4K or 3.5K? I bought a bunch of that card from amazon but someone told me that it wont work with ML. Is it true?
Komputerbay Professional 3700x 256GB CFast 2.0 Card (Up to 560MB/s Read and up to 495 MB/s Write)

Walter Schulz

Again: They won't fit in the cam. Period.

They will fit it in 1DX2, though.

CF = parallel ATA/IDE interface (PATA)
CFast = serial ATA interface (SATA)

Google next time, please.


They work, you just have to push it in the camera really hard, just force it!  ;D


CompactFlash                          vs                          CFast 2.0 interfaces.
5D3 Support it.                                                       5D3 doesn't Support it.

55 56 Pin CF vs pin CFast" border="0

Maximum write speed with CF card on 5D3 is about ~96mb/s. And there is a research to overclock it to 130mb/s . But still not stable and unavailable right now.


shitty, I have to stop the shipment thank you so much for feedback so quickly.


Never buy Komputerbay cards even if they work with your camera!  If you don't live in the US, then be aware that you do not have a warranty!  They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced and treat their customers outside the US in an outrageously arrogant way!

Two years ago, I bought an expensive KB CF-card from Amazon.  I used it just a few times with the 7D for photo and it died.  KB claims that their cards have limited lifetime warranty but they never honour it, at least not for customers outside the US.  First they said that the card was bought from an unauthorized dealer but when I provided all documents proving that it was bougth from an authorized dealer through Amazon in a perfectly legal way, they never sent me a RMA, explaining that they do not ship to addresses outside the US.  When I gave them the US address of a friend of mine living in the US, with the request to send a replcement card to that address, they asked me to send the deffective card to them which I did, paying for the shipping cost by myself.  Then they simply claimed that they never received it.  Horrible!


Walter Schulz

Ordered my 128 GB CF card via Amazon.de. Seller was Komputerbay itself. Date of purchase: November 2014.
Card died March 2016. Contacted Komputerbay via Amazon and got card replaced.

No troubles involved.
Price was 121€. Lexar 1066x 128 Gb was listed around 250€ at that time.


My card was purchased through Amazon.com in the US.  I contacted them first but the answer was that the 1 month return period has expired and I was advised to contact the manufacturer directly.  I did that.  What happened, I explained in my post above.


Yes, I had bought through amazon last 10 Komputerbay CF cards and one year later only 4 of them are working finely :(