Author Topic: السِلاب - مأتم السود - نظرة أولى Sellab -Teaser  (Read 460 times)


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Sellab is an Arabic word (السِلاب) Means: White or black dress the woman wears it in sad period of time such as someone death.

Fakhouri WORKS = فاخوري ووركس (A name of the company)

Shot on 700D using 10-bit build when it was the first release 1600x680 @ 24fps .
Kit lens 18-55 STM.

"A rehearsal for future movie called Sellab.
This was technical testing when Magic Lantern has released the new 10-bit raw video recording @ 1600x680 24fps  (700D).

Also a training and catching the problems before it will appear in real production days such as Lighting, Camera Movement, White Highlights, CGI Shots (Logo in the Car was very tricky to track without markers).. etc and what the Film look will be look like ."

If you interested in CGI:
The logo on the car rendered with Element 3D - Tracking using Mocha pro.
The rocket lunch the same as well - the smoke using trapcode particular.
Red lights flickering on the machine wasn't real - Done with After effects also the hour hand replaced with 3D one and it was animated.

See you 2019.
700D 1.1.5 | no more ISOless LV err 8