MACRONAUT - 5DmkIII Macro tests using Full Res Pictures + 3.5k crop mode

Started by Hans_Punk, April 20, 2018, 04:13:50 AM

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Here are some example clips of abstract macro subjects filmed using Full Res Pictures + 3.5k crop mode on 5DmkIII.
Using 50 & 75mm lenses with +5 achromatic diopter with macro extension tubes to get some very tight shots - sometimes no bigger than a 10mm section of fluid inside a petri dish!
Some shots had a custom motorised turntable to move either the subject or camera a few millimetres at the desired rotational or tracking speed for the appropriate frame rate or scale of subject.
I'm still experimenting with crop mode for macro use, it is a lot of fun and I am really loving the possibilities it opens up.

Many thanks to A1ex and all the other devs who make this possible, and continue to improve the ML experience.


I'm ashamed to post some of my works now on this forum. You guys only post awesome high level shots, damn.


Very nice lighting and color work - really impressive.  Would you mind talking about the turntable a little bit?  I've been considering building something like that of my own but I have very little experience in the field.


QuoteWould you mind talking about the turntable a little bit?  I've been considering building something like that of my own but I have very little experience in the field.

I've currently been using the motor parts of my 3 axis time lapse rig from The motors can easily be adapted to make custom rigs or turntables, whilst using their NMX controller for the stepper motors. The advantage of using stepper motors for sliders or turntable use, is that you can have incredible fine control of position and speed. Using the controller, you can set repeatable moves/rotations at variable speed...or fire the camera - then move the motors (known as SMS - shoot move shoot), enabling fluid motion of moves even if your camera is shooting long exposure stills. The motors will only move to the next position increment after the camera has taken the exposure, and the file has been written to the card, just like you would configure for a moving camera move in a time lapse.

A good lower budget solution is to make your own small turntable with stepper motor drive with an Arduino type driver, or a simple DC geared motor drive. If using a DC geared motor for macro work , it is almost always best to use a 0.5rpm-3rpm motor with a PWM controller to help control the speed to allow ultra slow moves when needed. The PWM controller acts as a speed controller by using pulse modulation to help the motor to not stall under load at lower voltage. For closeup macro work, it is amazing how slow you might need a motor to turn....often hard to detect movement with naked eye, but when magnified at extreme macro it can easily be seen.

The best DC motor solution I found was to use a 30:1 gearbox combined with either a 0.5rpm or faster speed motor, as shown here:


Melvin Jose

This is absolutely amazing! Such stunning shots.
I don't know if you have them but If you can would you be able to post some behind the scenes set up pictures or something like that?
I would love to try this out myself.



This is definitely one of the best i have seen so far
What lights did you use?


Some of these shots feel like I'm travelling through a galaxy in another universe and am about to land on a planet.

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