60D RAW video - it's working !!!

Started by marekk, May 24, 2013, 09:27:26 PM

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standard video icon, what others are there?


wait, i got it! I had to put 1080p from the normal canon menu first!!! I thought magic lantern wasn't connected to that! (i had crop 640x480 in there)


This is what I setup from canon menu and ml menu. What does EXPECT AROUND 0 FRAMES AT 20.2MB/s mean? Can I still shoot or do I have to obtain the green message "continuous recording ok?" to get that i have to go down to fps override at 38fps exact for 4:3 or if i wanna keep 56fps i have to choose not 4:3 but like 3:2 and others...but i want 4:3



I did I test anyways, and shot at 56.250fps 640x480 4:3... should give me about 560 frames for 10 seconds, right? 

seems like i didn't lose any frame? But i wouldn't mind anyways since i have to shoot planets and stack the images, I don't mind a few frames drop! But can you tell me if everything is correct, the 640x480 is the crop 7x of the 60d default, right?
Any other options i should set on the raw menu in ML? There are a lot of options...


Okay maybe now i got the crop factor thing.

In the canon menu I select 640x480 (the standard one, not the crop one)
In ML i put 640x480 4:3 and I got crop factor of 4.37x and 53.5fps

I think it's the one I've been looking for since previously it showed only 1.62x (you can see it from one of the image links I posted in my previous post)
please take a look and tell me if i got it right =)


edit: now i let it record to see if i reached 60sec but it stopped after 30 saying FRAME SKIPPED RECORDING STOPPED. Do I have to allow the frame skipping option in order not to stop recording?

edit 2: I did, and it told me live how many frames it skipped...it skipped like 350 frames out of 3200...60 seconds.

Walter Schulz

For starters: Use Canon setting 1920x1080p. In 640x480 you are on your own in unknown territory.
Bottom line tells you which bandwidth is needed. 60D's card interface is limited to about 21 MByte/s. Do not expect to see stable recording beyond 18 MByte/s (overhead ...). Walking on the edge and frame skipping is not recommended. You have to expect corrupted frames in this mode.

Lower frame rates and/or resolution to keep transfer rates well below 21 MByte/s or you will get breakups and corrupted frames.



with 1920x1080 from canon setting I got this:

37.838fps. To obtain the 3500 frames I want it takes 1.30min. Not bad. It's gonna be enough for saturn and jupiter. At least like you said there are not gonna be corrupted files =)

Walter Schulz

I said "well beyond" 21 MByte/s. And 8% below max speed will be good avoiding speeding tickets in real life only.
Run benchmark (Debug tab -> Benchmarks -> Card R/W benchmark (5 min)) in video mode to get some number to calculate real life performance.

And you're actually good with exposure times below 1/38 s doing planets?


oh no sorry i wasn't paying attention to exposure time, it lets me tweak it as i please anyways =)

i actually did that test days ago on my card with blackmagic speed test and it's 90mbs read and 80mbs write.

Walter Schulz

Sorry, that's not what I asked and it's not telling anything about what you can get in cam with MLV video.


Sorry, Walter..my bad. There you go:

ps: look what a 600D can do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6oIqcA8EMY

Canon EOS 600D
(1080p video crop mode
ISO6400, 30fps, 1/30s exposures
Auto White Balance/Auto Picture Style)

I had a dedicated CCD camera once but I didn't achieve such quality, this is my Saturn (my first and only one since I had to sell the ccd camera soon later due to a malfunction of some other telescope components last year...):

Walter Schulz

The actual numbers in write mode are pretty good. Didn't expect to see anything with 19 in front.
Okay, this is the good news. The bad news is: It's still just a benchmark and - my advice for standard movie recording - it will be better not to walk to close to the edge.

For "normal" movie work bad frames are a nightmare in post. For your specific topic even a high amount may be tolerable. But I'm not into astro photography so it's up to you to decide.


ok but this time there are not bad frames, Walt! It says continuous recording ok and there was no message of skipped frame. Everything went smooth. I've recorded for 1.30mins and it's fine =)



just tried the RAW video on my 60D today for the 1st time and ... oh god I don't want anything else now lol
i'm amazed by the colors and the sharpness !!

small tests :

h264 then raw

just raw with my canon f/1.4 50mm lense,

daylight (a bit too dark)

to bad we can only record 5sec/7sec in "1080p"

i'm gonna read this topic now :)


Unfortunatly i think i will abandon my idea to ask Canon Corp for an SD writing interface hardware update. Don't know what has changed but if somebody succeded to do that, i doubt it will never be Canon Corp by themself... May be with the help of a third compagny. If they struggle to remap a sensor, what that would be to update an existing hardware?
By the way, congratulation for the 10bit raw video finding!


Ok i just called up Canon repair service to know if that would be possible to perform an upgrade of the 60D sd card writer. And officielly the answer is formely "No". It's impossible at least for them, to do so. So no card writer upgrade possible from Canon Corp. At least, the answer is clear and that case is now closed. Sorry if i had bothered you Magic Lantern community with that. Wish you an happy new year 2017 to all. Exo 


is there anyone working on the sd interface overclock module for this specific camera (or any digic 4 caamera)?

Nvm, I found out that normal sd interface (non UHS) got 25MB/s limit