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Q about ML menu layout: Colours, shapes ...
« on: March 15, 2018, 03:43:11 PM »

I'm a little bit confused about ML menu design:
1.) Icon colour "blue": In Expo menu there are several items showing blue squares. I thought blue stood for ML settings interfering with Canon menu settings. White balance, ISO, Shutter, Aperture Picture Style: When changed in Canon menu it will be shown in ML menu and other way round.
But in MLV lite submenu (Movie -> RAW video -> Q) there are blue icons for Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Data format and others. None of these settings exist in Canon menu. Either my premise is wrong or the buttons have wrong colour. EDIT: Well, some kind of Aspect Ratio does exist on some EOS cams but there is no interaction.
2.) Circles and squares: What is the difference?
3.) Submenus/dropdown: Accessing Global Draw settings by pressing Q or SET opens "dropdown style" options to select from. Others like Ghost image open a window style select with a single entry to toggle ON and OFF. Why two different menu styles?
4.) Triangle icon. Used to start an action ("Play Button") and used show/hide menu options. Seen in MLV lite submenu: Playback will start playback and Advanced ... will show hidden items. Not that great IMO.

Minor issue: "Magic Zoom" but "False color". What is ML's take on capitalization?


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Re: Q about ML menu layout: Colours, shapes ...
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2018, 04:51:07 PM »
- blue = non-boolean item (list of choices or values without boolean meaning)
- green circle = boolean item (ON/OFF)
- green square = OFF, option A, option B etc (can be interpreted as boolean item)
- grouping submenus also have a boolean value (green square if anything from there is enabled)
- ON/OFF in main menu, options in submenu: useful to toggle the option on and off quickly, keeping the previous settings
- pickbox: when there's nothing to adjust (just pick an option)
- text case: it was suggested to make all items lowercase
- play button: it was used in the old days to decrement the value (historically, navigation keys were just arrows and SET, didn't know what to pick for decrement and didn't know how to handle the scrollwheel, so I just picked PLAY); never used it lately (actions are triggered with SET); can be reallocated.
- PLAY is also a hotkey introduced by mlv_play; didn't realize it also works from the ML menu (never tried).

This stuff was discussed in detail at