Author Topic: HELP! MLVS undo? OS X. Accidentally set my MLVS out folder as my entire Desktop!  (Read 1592 times)


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When I was supposed to create an EMPTY folder as my MLVS output folder, I clicked my Desktop. ALL the files on my Desktop have now disappeared and have been replaced with folders of DNG files. Is there a way to undo this? I am a graphic designer and this accident literally deleted tens of thousands of dollars worth of files and video footage.

Even when I try to click the Desktop shortcut from a Finder window it gives the error: Original File Cannot Be Found. Please help! How do I turn this off or undo the MLVS processing? I can't include any screenshots because I now do not have a functioning Desktop on my computer. I am so dumb to have done this. Anyone know how to turn it off?  :'(


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