Author Topic: EOS M RAW - Abandoned Farmhouse Exploration Video  (Read 984 times)


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EOS M RAW - Abandoned Farmhouse Exploration Video
« on: February 22, 2018, 08:57:46 PM »
Hello fellow ML users,

I figured I would share my video I shot raw using the EOS M.

There is plenty of noise in the video, but I am sure when I get more experience, more than one battery, and more videos cards, I will be able to mitigate the underexplosing, and overexposing problems. Best way to learn is by doing though!

Here is the link to the video:

Comments and suggestions would be much appreciated!

Camera: EOS M
Card: Sandisk Extreme Pro 32gb
-3x3 binning crop mode for majority of the video
-1600x640 (2.5 aspect ratio)
-29.97 frames per second (I forgot to change to 24fps, I probably could have achieved higher resolution if I did)
-Shutter angle at 45 degrees (next time I will increase this in the dark shots)
-Bit Depth set to 10 bpp
-Jan 25 ML build from dfort
-Converted to CinemaDNG in MLVApp
-Edited in Davinci Resolve