Author Topic: Pixelation On Edges ML Raw Video (Noobie Here)  (Read 427 times)


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Pixelation On Edges ML Raw Video (Noobie Here)
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:07:07 AM »
Hey guys,

So after hours of research and forum digging I have installed ML and done all the necessary installs to get it to a post processing stage. I have a 5D2 with the latest Nightly installed. I'm using a 50mm 1.8 prime (cheap lens).

I'm using the mlv_lite raw module at 1280 resolution.

I recorded a .mlv file and then converted it to .avi using some tools. However I opened it up in mlrawviewer.exe to preview it first, and I noticed before that the program has a possibility of actually writing on that footage so maybe that did something? I also stretched the footage to 2k when I converted it to .avi, but my understanding is these files are large enough to resize.

I'm very new and understand if you guys just tell me to keep lurking and searching archived topics. I've provided some screen grabs below:

Thanks for the help if there is any!