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Customize cropmarks

I have built my own from two *. Bmp and adapted to my needs.
Since I do not know if I am allowed to publish the * .bmp here, I now describe how I did it.

The reason was that the CrssMtr2.bmp and the PhiPhoto.bmp, which I like to use when photofinishing, are only bad to use in the dark.
(I work a lot with long exposure)

What did I do now?

1. I have the two existing *. Bmp in the image editing superimposed
   (I used gimp for that)

2. I added a gray border around the cropmarks

3. The bars below and above must remain solid black (HTML value 000000) and not be cut from the gray of the new border.
If you ignore this, you take over the gray of the just created border.
Later on, however, they will be shown system information of the camera, then they are not so easy to read.

(By the way, all here white spots are literally transparent)

4. It is important that you save the image with 720x480 pixels, in 8-bit integer and indexed

As a result, I have a cropmark what you see in the light and in the dark.

(here in the light)

(here in the dark)

The finished file, like the other Cropmarks, must also be in the following folder on the SDCard


I hope it was interesting and have fun with it

greetings gerdmitpferd