Author Topic: Eos M Raw issue weird green artefacts/aliasing/thing...  (Read 577 times)


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Eos M Raw issue weird green artefacts/aliasing/thing...
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:31:53 PM »
Hello everyone !
I recently bought a eos m camera, I installed ML 2.02 from 2017Dec07, I added the raw v1.1 and the v2. Using the v2 the video is recording well but back on the computer I used "raw2cdng.1.7.9_pinkfix" to convert the MLV to DNG and I see really bad green thing on the video, I don't know if it appears on sharp spot or contrasty ones maybe both.
I've never seen something like it before, I don't think it is moire or aliasing.
I think the issue is in my raw recording modul because the h.264 does not do that i tried a lot of differents resolution in the raw v1.1 and v2 and even crop mode but it is still very present on the footage.
Enough talk, you'll see what I'm talking about in this video, it is very obvious in the second shoot on my dog :

I don't know if it is a known issue (I hope so ^_^ ) I've search for it but did not find anything sorry if there is already a post about it.

I hope it can be fix, thank you !