Author Topic: crop mode 3,4 k monitor  (Read 1983 times)


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crop mode 3,4 k monitor
« on: January 19, 2018, 08:45:07 PM »
hi, is there a way to see what are you really filming with an external 5x,
also for focus that for me it is alway a bit out..
any help



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Re: crop mode 3,4 k monitor
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2018, 05:02:45 PM »
hi, is there a way to see what are you really filming with an external 5x,
also for focus that for me it is alway a bit out..

Assuming you are filming with a 5D3 (and also assuming that this might probably work on most setups, unless someone corrects me otherwise) while I am experimenting with 14 bit lossless modes I find a monitor essential.

Viltrox 4 inch monitor ($199 / £144 / 170 euros) comes with a hood which makes it easier to see in sunlight and you don't have to get down on your knees to look at the 5D3 display). You will have to manual focus but the advantage of these monitors is that it shows peaking and zebras in 99% cases and setups in any case and on a bigger screen. Suggest buying a baseplate with 15mm rods and using an adjustable display arm. That way you cannot knacker your hot shoe and with your monitor left of your 5D3 display you can protect your HDMI output from (someone) accidentally knocking it and breaking it.

As for seeing what you are actually filming, the HTMI output on the Canon 5D3 (specifically) allowed 'clean' output in 4:2:2 b bit after the 1.2.1 firmware update came out. I am using the 1.2.3 firmware to take advantage of this (I shelved my 1.1.3 firmware operational, Build #22 (29-Apr-2017 16:30:52) to test this too and it does the job quite sufficiently enough. You will not be able to buy a 4k display and expect a 4k output though because the 5D3 only puts out 8 bit 1080p to whatever monitor you use.

FYI: A firmware upgrade for the 5D3 from 1.2.1 enabled the 5D3 to record clean, uncompressed digital video data (YCbCr 4:2:2 8 bit) with encoded time code over the HDMI output, while (quote) "simultaneously displaying video on your rear LCD and recording internally to CF or SD cards" - you can discount the bit that says 'simultaneously' though because you can only see what comes out on the monitor when using ML (again, unless someone here corrects me and points to another version or update).

Huge thanks to ML for their work and also a little thank you to Canon for still updating the 5D3 firmware and thus seeing it as still as much of a flagship design (critics exc.).

Good luck shooting 4k.

Here are the links to references I have made:
5D3 User. Lexar Card 2000x 300 MB/s. Komputabay  1000x 32GB. Fr: 1.2.3.