Author Topic: "Updated" FIXED Canon 60D Stops 30min. Fixed by Changin - HalfShutter to Always.  (Read 617 times)


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Hi there,

Short story.


NO HMDI just USB and Utility and capture utility screen with OBS.


Using ML newest build. Canon firmware: Canon firmware 1.1.1.

In ML :Dof Settings - Dof info in liveview = ON. Clear overlayes = HALFSHUTTER

In Canon: Auto Power off: off

Short Story... ITS still shutting off after 30 min. WHY



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  • Hi, I'm Axel, editor, journalist and photographer
All cameras that are not "born" camcorders pay a special tax in Europe if they are able to record more than 30 mins without interruption. The tax is being faded out, but until it disappears totally, no dslr manufacturer will make his software record beyond 30 mins. So the half hour limit is political.
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Walter Schulz

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@=O.Dogan: Just try a1ex recommendation:
You have to use one of those experimental builds. Create a file with .lua-extension (mine is named dummy.lua) in ML\Scripts directory. Put a1ex's code in it.
Start cam (USB *not* connected). Load, restart cam, access Scripts tab and run Powersave workaround. Then connect USB and access Liveview screen in EOSutility.

Works for me (>30 minutes) using 650D with LUA_FIX build.


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I have fixed it by changing the halfSHutter to always.

@ Walter. Thank you walter for the explanation, if it doesnt work again i will try your method.

@ axelcine True but i have fixed it. (but for how long i dont know)