Author Topic: Specific settings: 5D3 RAW continuous 48 or 60fps (3x3 pb) with realtime preview  (Read 132 times)


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Hi there,

Was very excited to install the new experimental crop_rec_4k firmware on my 5D3 (fw1.2.3) with fast Lexar 1066x cards (which have been faultless over the years).

I am not interested in the (heavily compromised) 4K recording options. I’ve been using Magic Lantern for years now and I am simply excited to be able to shoot high quality 48fps or 60fps with 3x3 binning. But in spite of reading a lot of forum posts and paying for a guide, I cannot seem to find the correct settings: every different combination of settings I try gives me less than 10sec recording time…

To be clear, I want to:
-Shoot either 48fps or 60fps (at 1080p or 800p respectively) on my 5D3 (fw1.2.3) with 3x3 pixel binning
-Shoot continuous (or for at least a minute)
-Have a real-time preview (either on-camera screen or external HDMI screen)

Is this possible and what are the specific settings I need to use?

Thank you in advance!!