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Audio via HDMI or alternative
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:46:22 AM »
Henlo frens,

I'm currently using a 5D Mk III and in April it will be used as part of a live broadcast. One of the challenges of the broadcast is the audio placements - we have come to the conclusion to have the microphone on or next to the camera.

I'm having the 5D sending it's HDMI signal 90m (via cat6) to the encoding den. Then I realised the 5D doesn't send audio via HDMI. Is it possible to get around this? I want to be able to send audio and video via the same HDMI cable.

If this can't be done with ML (which I perfectly understand) do you have any recommendations for products that may be able to integrate the audio from 3.5mm to an HDMI signal (HDMI video in + 3.5mm audio in ~ single HDMI out).