ML short film nominated for London Critics' Circle Award

Started by hyalinejim, December 28, 2017, 07:34:55 PM

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My short documentary The Cloud of Unknowing, shot on 5D3 Magic Lantern, has been nominated for "Best British / Irish Short Film" by the London Film Critics' Circle. The awards ceremony is on January 28th... so fingers crossed for that!

Here is a short extract from the film with some info about it:

And here is more details on the award nomination.

Thanks Magic Lantern!  :)


Nice work on the synthesis of your subject. It's a gorgeous setting as well. All the 4k cameras can go to hell. Long live ML!!!


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Wonderful news and congrats to, @hyalinejim as I'll be praying for you to win one!

Care to share your workflow used and did you use CinelogDCP or your very own ML-Log?
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I used Cinelog for this one, chief! Thanks again to Andy for an awesome DCP profile.

It's been a while since I shot ML RAW as I'm using a GH5 a lot these days, but if I was doing it from scratch I think I would use ML Log. IIRC, the great promise of ML-Log was that colours could be very accurate with one of the versions (but there were odd artifacts). The version without the artifacts had acceptable, but not 100% colour accuracy.