Upgrade path from the 650D.

Started by BrokenSyntax, December 19, 2017, 02:21:05 PM

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I originally had a 1300D, which I sold and bought a secondhand 650D with. This personally was a great decision, as it allowed me to use ML and record long enough cuts of 1600x900 raw at 24fps if I use 10-bit colour.

I'm travelling to Japan in 2 months, this has been a dream of mine for nigh on 9 years now and I want to take what I've learnt in terms of photography and take some great shots and clips, I have 5 ASP-C lenses, all Canon glass, is there any logical progression from the 650D where ML is supported?

The 200D has some really impressive benchmarks but is not supported, and it appears the only cameras which would offer any significant improvement are full frame (5D MK3), this is also a bit above my budget. I have about £500 to spend.


resolution wise for your budget it could be a 7D - being still compatible with your lenses BUT there are still problems to solve. I suggest reading through / undertanding this thread before deciding anything to buy:


You might also consider extending your budget by selling all APS-C equipment you own and invest in a used 5D MK3. Investments in fullframe glass speak for its own  :D
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