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Hello oh oh !

I have a little problem but very annoying... Please let me explain.

When I do a video this is my workflow :

- convert Raw files in Davinci to do proxy (Davinci render is faster)
- Do my edit in premiere pro with proxy
- Then use dynamic link with AE to replace my proxy with raw files and do the color using ACR...   and   ... There is a problem...

At the beginning when I did the color in ACR, when the file were importing to After Effect, the color in AE was diffrent from ACR...
So I check the color space in AE to match ACR and it work.
But now when I do the render in Premiere, the color are diffrent from AE !

I would like to use ACR to do the color and have the same color when I do the render...

Is there a setting to check in ACR to change the colorimetric space ?
What should I use when color retouch in AE ?

Note : When I talk about diffrence with color, I talk about really small change but you know, when you do really special color retouch, you whant to get it at the end...

Is someone can help ? I probably do something wrong or something I don't know...