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Re: External monitor
« Reply #25 on: July 07, 2018, 10:15:44 PM »
This is a Magic Lantern forum right? As far as I know Canon 1DX2 or a Sony A7s2 doesn't run Magic Lantern?

Touch focus? What? If you have 1DX2 shure, but then again this is ML forum. I have no idea how you shot your videos? But I heavily rely on manual focus because I use the 5D3. And focus peaking is the most crucial feature, isn't that the only focus assist you can have with this camera? Shure ML focus peaking works, but not after you pressed record, or did I missunderstand that feature?

And for the third time in this thread, LUT's is for people who shoot with a flat profile like S-Log or similar and want to add a LUT in monitor to visualy see what the image will look, you do know how flat S-log look? And understand why its that imporant in that case. And again, what Canon cameras output is 8 bit thru HDMI, you know that you can record up to 14 bit in camera?

Do you both know what 14-bit is?

mmm, maybe my post wasn't clear enough. Sorry.


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Re: External monitor
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mmm, maybe my post wasn't clear enough. Sorry.

It would clearfy if you wrote what camera you are using the touch focus with. And how focus peaking is useless. Ofcourse you can manual focus just watching the display but without focus peaking, but those often green dots is a cool tool for focus.

But shure it would be very cool to have Magic Lantern on a camera like the 1DX2!

And about the LUT, its hard to disquss that more with you two :) I would say that the Canon picture profile you see while recording is a good enough estimation for how you can grade the raw image, and that Canon color profile is ofcourse not recorded in the raw file, but you already know that I know. I don't know how a LUT on that Canon color profile would make things better. You would grade a 8 bit image where the starting point is a Canon color profile and then with your LUT. Well it depends what you usually do in post with your 14-bit raw file and how you grade it. Shure if you apply and use a Canon color profile like the one in Canon cameras in Davinci Resolve etc, then the Canon color profile you see while recording would be a exact match off what you get. And If you in Davinci Resolve etc, apply first the Canon color profile and then a your custom LUT, then it would be a perfect match on camera monitor while recording if you have a SmallHD LUT while recording, but yes it depends on how you grade in post!