Author Topic: Canon 70D /80D Focus Peaking  (Read 5709 times)


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Canon 70D /80D Focus Peaking
« on: November 20, 2017, 05:39:32 PM »
I intended to buy to a Canon 70D to use its remote shooting from PC and load up ML primarily for focus peaking which I regularly use for macro on my Sony. I dismissed the 80D as it currently can't use ML for focus peaking plus the body only price was about £200 more. However, I am concerned that the ML for the 70D in not yet fully developed plus I can now get the 80D body for the same price as the 70D.  So, I need to have some confidence that if I buy the 70D, I can expect the ML focus peaking to work?...and if it works on camera, I presume the peaking will it will also show on the remote shooting screen?  If not, I will get the newer 80D and work around the focus peaking, or move to something other than Canon. Any advice welcome.