Author Topic: Magic Lantern RAW on 7D vlogging  (Read 715 times)


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Magic Lantern RAW on 7D vlogging
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:36:01 PM »
Was curious how easy it would be to "vlog" on a 7D running raw.  My findings
1. Reliable, never had a corrupt file, running at 1728x972 24fps
2. With an external powered mic and camera set to +32db, and some audio post, sound is reasonable
3. Half-press shutter button before recording would get a good focus
4. Using a tape measure to set manual focus if far away worked fine
5. Shooting a high f-stop at 3200 expected ISO gave a much better image (noise organic) than 8bit in my experience.
6. The number one benefit compared to A6300 4K was that the 4K still blew out highlights whereas the RAW always had nice dynamic range roll-off. 
7. MLVProducer for the PC makes working with MLV files a pure joy (and I don't say that lightly about software).
8. Premiere's new audio presets make it much easier to improve any audio

I built a gadget that allows one to see the back screen, but I now see it's overly complicated.  Will create a newer/cheaper one soon.  You can see my gadgets here:

And the video I shot is here