Automatic UniWB

Started by heyjoe, October 05, 2017, 12:09:19 PM

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ML says WB is set to UniWB when I set it to custom WB which is indeed UniWB achieved through Guillermo's method:

dcraw -v -w -q 3 -T -4 _MG_5751.CR2
Loading Canon EOS 5D Mark III image from _MG_5751.CR2 ...
Scaling with darkness 2046, saturation 15488, and
multipliers 1.001967 1.006883 1.000000 1.006883

From that a series of questions arose:

1. How does ML know this is UniWB and not just any custom WB?
2. Does it detect that it is close to perfect UniWB (as in my case the error is under 1%)?
3. Does ML know what is the perfect UniWB for a given camera body (libraw's tools seem to know as FastRawViewer has a setting for it)
4. If the answer to 3 is "Yes, it is possible to read that" - the next logical question is:
5. Is it possible to make a function which automatically sets the accurate UniWB for the particular camera body with 0% error?