Author Topic: "No Audio HDMI LiveView" Online Broadcast potential w/ Capture Cards  (Read 2131 times)


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This topic is about the lack of Audio HDMI Out during LiveView.

I have noticed in my short amount of research that there are multiple models that do not have Audio out during HDMI LiveView. It was mentioned in this thread about 600Ds & 700Ds
 Reddeercity "need to plug in a audio input e.g. Mic. to the ninja , as the hdmi has no audio on the canon dslr." In 2012 for the 60D's it was labeled [Impossible]

This is a topic that interests me because of pre-existing HDMI Capture Devices. At an upcoming event a buddy and I will be rigging an Streaming Broadcast by using a Panasonic AG-AC90's clean HDMI output paired with a simple "Elgato Game Capture HD" Have been running work flow tests with my little Canon T5/1200d using ML "Clean Overlay" when I noticed this trend of Liveview HDMI out lacking audio.

Points of note for the engineering: Using my 1200d for reference.

  • HDMI Audio Output is capable while in the movie playback.
  • Sound Recording Menu(SRD), is a pre-existing gui interface for guidance.
  • Microphone needs to be activatable; using similar actions as Idle, halfshutter or button press.
  • Activated microphone is based off of pre-established SRD preset.
  • Audio Meters are already a Feature
  • Relying on external HDMI capture eases strain on system.
  • Don't understand why an additonal product (see atomos) is needed when the obstacle is a microphone activation command.

Or is this a risk of a Feature being to Close to Canon Code?