Music video clip. Purity Ring

Started by Francis Frenkel, November 07, 2017, 04:54:25 PM

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Francis Frenkel

Here is the trailer of the clip I'm shooting right now (not finished yet) !

Thanks so much the ML community to help me !
Thank's ML developers for this fantastic tool !

Canon 5D mark3
Lens : Canon 50 f:1.4

Extract with MLV Mystic
Editing : Vegas Pro 14
Color : DaVinci Resolve 14

Francis Frenkel


Gorgeous, just don't touch it, leave it as is. Put it in a frame on the wall. Pour yourself a nice martini, and relax. Because it's a job well done my friend.


Do you some times see vertical stripes in your footage in the dark areas event when you treat it with a vertical strip fix? Because I have some in the dark areas when shooting in 14bit lossless and using MLDump of MLVFS to develop the footage. it's kind of anoying.

Francis Frenkel

Ohhh Thank you so much "Guy" !

No I dont have this problem.
Those vertical stripes happend on your native DNG or after treatment in your NLE or Resolve ?

I use MLV Mystic.
It seems that there is better debayer tools, but I still use this old one without any problem.
Francis Frenkel


Incredible work Francis! I also checked out some BTS videos on your vimeo, huge props for using ML on commercial shoots.

Haven't seen any 4k crop footage, may I ask why?