award winning short animated film made thanks to Magic Lantern

Started by kantoror, September 11, 2017, 10:12:42 PM

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Hi everyone, my name is Or, I work in VFX and make short films.
Here is my latest:

shot on a Canon 60D using magic lantern for everything: time lapse, focus shift, raw recording and so on.
you guys made it possible for a lone filmmaker to make something that won awards and traveled the globe through festivals.
Trammell Hudson, A1ex,  marekk, and everyone else who made this amazing firmware, thank you! thank you! thank you!
you guys are amazing and I am forever in your debt

Lars Steenhoff

Great work Wow!  :)

Care to share some of the workflow steps?

Thanks for sharing this, inspirational work


So much heart put into this movie. And you accomplished it all alone? The animation and expression on the character are very authentic and convincing. Almost magical. Camera work is excellent. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Lars Steenhoff.
workflow changed from shot to shot depending on its needs.
most shots with pigeons Processed with MlRawViewer_1_4_3 to create DNG files. that were grade in after effects (useing adobe camera Raw 9.12)
these files were croped 1280 by 720 or smaller.
too small to be used in a film that will be screened in theaters.
to work around this I tryed to frame just the areas that had movment in them with a tripode. then took a still photo uncroped to get the rest of the area that had no movment in it. nested the croped videos  inside the uncroped stills in after effects to get a full 1920 by 1080 shot (or bigger to make digital pans in after effects)

there were many other ways I used magic lantern on this movie.

hope its not too confusing. let me know if you want to hear me babeling more

Erik Krause


We can't fly, but our creations reproduce themselves through time and can go beyond our death. Sometimes people will not accept, but certainly you're not all alone.

Great job. Thanks to everyone that worked on this short film.


This short will put you on the map. Seriously well done and creative!!!!!


Thank you guys for the kind words. Erik Krause, the creature was modeled and animated in maya and composited using after effects and flame. to match the scenes lighting I used magic lantern's advanced exposure bracketing to create HDR maps. these were then inserted into the 3D scene as a light source.


Amazing! Great work!!!! How many hours...?! I mean, weeks!?


if I pulled all the time it took, to put it together, it would probably amount to 3 months of actually working on it.
but those were spread out over 2 years, photographing here and there,  in my spare time after work.


Its so cute!
I would have loved to see them in the end making music together!

Rating: 10/10

I love it!


wow, my respect. really impressive work!
did you use raw_rec, mlv_lite or mlv_rec?

some feedback from your experience?
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I used mlv_rec. the only downside was having to wait for the camera to buffer before it starts recording and never knowing exactly when it will start. missed a lot of good shots because of that way other then that it worked wonderfully. was awesome to colorgrade



Rob Curd

Amazing! Inspiring for someone who has a 60d! Shots were incredible!

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