Wireless HDMI Nyrius ARIES on 5D3 RAW + HDMI splitter

Started by moroz, September 20, 2013, 12:25:30 AM

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Let's bring this up!

Has anyone experienced with these?
I'm thinking about DP4/MustHD 5.6 for cameracrew and from there wireless to directors monitor.

Any suggestions?



I used the Paralinx Arrow couple weeks ago... a system that is almost the same as the Aries, but costs like 800+ dollars. We went to shoot in a private neighbourhood, only houses, lots of open space, we were on exterior, outside the house on an inner road. We were shooting a "long take" (I dont know how you call it in english) so we were circulating a bit, but not so much. The Paralinx said it supported 100m of signal range, but that wasnt the case, we struggled a lot to get it working. And once you lose the signal it takes a while to get it back.

Anyway we werent close to the camera, but one figures it should work at that distance! Maybe in interiors or places where you dont move around a lot it works ok.

Other than that, when we got it working, it was a pleasure to have :)
Oh and on the Aries there is a PRO version which costs a little more and you have a lot more range.

Hope it was useful.


Ok thanks! If we go that route, then we must have cable available too.
Then again I think, if it's for director monitor only, you can be close to camera. But with stabilizers you need to have some room operate...hope it's worth it!

Any better solutions for going wireless?


Mmmmh something that just occurred to me... you can mix the transmitter AND cable, let's say a 10m hdmi one. So you can place the video village wherever you want and then extend the wireless dongle with the cable to a spot of your convenience, and then you move it around scene by scene.


Yeah good point.
Hey what if I want audio in to the same monitor for director, so that he/she can use headphones from the monitor. And we are recording dialogue to external field recorder, let's say Sound Devices 633. What would be the best way to send audio from the 633 to directors headphones wireless?


I never tried actually, but the devices are almost the same as the transmitter and receiver from a lav mic. I would try a wireless lav mic and take the mic out, and send a line in to it. Maybe it works.



Yes, that should work. I need another wireless hdmi. I figure out this page http://bestproducts-4u.com/best-wireless-hdmi/ Can you suggest me which one will be the best?  :) ;D :o