Author Topic: From which link to download ML for Canon 60d, with eos60d-v112-mac firmware  (Read 2355 times)


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Hi guys. I am new here and I would appreciate your help.  (I don't even know if this is the proper way to post my questions - iff not please show mercy :) ).
Could someone please help me with the link to download a Magic Lantern for Canon 60d with firmware > eos60d-v112-mac?
Thank you in advance


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@stbtuok - Almost missed this because you created a new topic instead of posting on the 60D topic.

60D.112 is still a work in progress. You can get a test build along with a package that contains both 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 Canon firmware updaters from my downloads page.

At this stage I'm waiting for response from testers in order to figure out why the camera isn't passing the lua focus tests. This is probably an issue that also affects the 1.1.1 firmware but I'm not sure because I don't have access to a 60D and need to rely on testers feedback.
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