5dm3, lenght of continous 3k or 4k? Other issues?

Started by mannfilm, September 02, 2017, 07:48:25 PM

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5dm3. 3k and 4k recording. The initial announcement (5 months old) said that "3840x1536 @ 24p (1:1 crop) (corrupted frames at 1600)" or 66 seconds in. 3072x1920 - 24p and 4096x1440 - 25p did not have corrupted frame warnings, which implies there is no time limit. What are the current +1080p resolutions and any other issues or limitations we should be aware of? I've read the nightly build forums , and there seems to be ongoing issues, does anyone know that the latest "Stable" 3k or 4k nightly build is?

Walter Schulz

3K and 4K are not part of nightly builds yet but experimental. Top of page -> Downloads -> Downloads (drop down menu) -> Experiments.


Thank you, didn't realize it was experimental. So I'm guessing I should not do professional work with it yet?

Walter Schulz

Devs take on this question is pretty simple: ML (any version) is not recommended for professional work. YMMV.


Have used it professionally :) just be cautious and practice. Stay within limits of recording time and buffer extra time especially for interviews.

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