Author Topic: [ Wanted Tutorial ] Recording and syncing audio with 14-bit lossless ML for 5d3  (Read 2130 times)


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Hi there,

My first post here and just wanted to of course say thank you for the ML team and everyone here on the forum for giving this camera legs to still be relevant in 2017! I always turn back to my canon 5d when i look at the current cameras that are available.

Ever since switching to the 14 bit lossless version of ML (which is a godsend because of the space saving and different options, not to mention the ability to record slow motion at near 1080p) I realized that we have lost the ability/function to record in-camera audio.

Is in-camera audio going to come back in a newer iteration of ML?
What are people doing right now to get audio sorted out? I know on set, we can clap sticks for a sync point but, sometimes i just want to bring the camera out to film stuff. I'm curious if anyone can point me in the right direction. I've been carrying an extra memory card with an older copy of ML when I need to record with audio but then i have to record large files of the 10 bit ML. thank you in advance!