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Started by a1ex, October 11, 2012, 01:55:31 PM

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Thx @ Danne, I've loaded the build tried some of the new movie stuff.

However I'm not sure how the how the menues "presets" and "startoff presets" are intended to work, because I see differents settings/entries there. How is the relationsip between (if any)?

Another finding: so soon as the the option "fps override" is used, the live view shows a purple band on the left hand side of the live view that only can be cleared with a on/off reset of the camera. Btw, with the original bulid magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202 this does not happen.

Screen shoots can be found here:

If this questions are discussed elsewhere at this forum, it would be great if You will redirect me again.

Feel free to move this reply to another topic if it's better fits there.

Thank's again.

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Hello to all,

I'm using ML Nightly.2018.Jul03 in my 50D. All the files are being saved as .mov

Are these the RAW files I wish to have, or have I to change something to save as RAW files?

If so, how to do this?

Regards to all...

Walter Schulz


Dear all,
I have asked the following in different post, however, nobody reacted. Perhaps it was my fault publishing these questions in wrong section...

Thus, I ask again: if "" is the last working build that would allow me to use (assuming I have fastest lexar cf) the following:

1. continuous 1044 raw at 23.9 fps
2. 12-bit and 10-bit full 1080 raw at 23.9 fps
3. higher resolution (3K, 2.5K) using cropping, at 12-bit, 10-bit 23.9 fps, that would reduce moire and aliasing
4. dual iso video at 23.9 fps (I saw some videos online that say dual iso can only be used for static shots (due to ghosting)).

I am eager to test the mentioned functions and perhaps to conclude my experience in a short report here in forum.

I would also like to ask:

a) what is the biggest capacity CF that will work on 5DmII with ML?
b) how far is eXperimental 2019Nov14 build from becoming a nightly build?
c) is there any other plans that are one the pipeline for 5DmII (e.g. improvements on the existing features, rather than adding new ones)?
d) is there a list of known issues that comes with your latest 2019Nov14 build?

Looking forward hearing from you.


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Walter Schulz

Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> Scroll down to "Your camera is not listed?"


I'd appreciate some advice and info on the latest Magic Lantern installs for my Canon 600D.  I haven't used my Canon for video for quite a while and I did have an early ML version 2.3 installed which worked fine - thanks again to the ML team!  Checking again I'm now seeing references to a 'Nightly Build' for the 600D which I understand has Audio Meters and even an option for headphone output.  The most recent one seems to be dated August 7, 2017.

I'd love to have at least the live Audio Meters but I'm not a risk-taker with audio and don't know exactly what the status of these Nightly Builds is.  If they work fine and are stable why have they not been incorporated into the current version of Magic Lantern, which still seems to be v2.3?

Does anyone have a suggestion as to the most recent and most stable Nightly Build for the 600D which includes Audio Metering?  Maybe the most recent one if fine?  I know that there's an installation guide at the top of this thread, but wondered if there there are any unlisted special precautions that need to be taken when installing compared to the normal ML v2.3?

Thanks in advance.

Walter Schulz

Short answer: v2.3 is outdated and not supported anymore. ML dev team approach is close to "Rolling release". In ML terms this means there are nightly builds and there will be no final version.


hi all,
the last available nightly for Canon 5D2 (from 2018) is marked as failed. is it trusted for install or I should go for the previous build (0 tests failed) ?
Canon 5D mk2 rocks!

Walter Schulz

How is a build with 7 tested items and 7 passed tests any better than a build with 8 tested items and 1 failed?


For 5DII, please, check this thread. And Downloads> Experiments for other latest staff.
Failed auto test is not a problem. There are more dangerous things here  :P


Can anyone involved in development please make a statement why the nightly builds are no longer updated since 2018? This is pretty sad  :'(. Thanks

Walter Schulz

Back then innovations were done in experimental builds, features added there. There was the intention to merge them into main branch (aka: Nightly Build). Then a1ex had to take a long break: backed by everyone involved in the project.

Or in short: There was a break because *you* haven't done enough to support the project.


Hi, I have Canon 550D. I download firmware 1.0.9 from your link, and there is 1.1.0. firmware 1.0.9 is nowhere to be found. without it, you cannot install your firmware. What to do?