Author Topic: SL1 vs 7d RAW video questions and issues  (Read 548 times)


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SL1 vs 7d RAW video questions and issues
« on: August 16, 2017, 04:01:28 PM »
Hello ML users,

 I was about to purchase a used 7D and start using this instead of my 100d/SL1 for ML RAW until I ran into the following issues...

When shooting ML RAW with a 7D I can see the crop marks for the cinescope (2:35.1) view but as soon as I start recording, they disappear so I can't tell where the cut off is to have the black bars top and bottom. I checked all the settings compared to my 100d/SL1 and they seem all the same.

Second issue, when I convert my SL1 files to DNG's, I can drag the first DNG onto the Adobe Premiere timeline and it automatically creates a full video clip, although I get the red focus dots :(. If I do the same with the 7d dngs, it just imports the first dng. I tried them all at once and it imports them all separately in to the project window in Premiere. Not sure why this is happening as it's just a dng just like when using my 100d/SL1.