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Err 70 - Resolved
« on: August 10, 2017, 05:48:08 PM »
My problem wasn't caused by ML but I had ML on it when it happened. I found this site that explained the problem, exactly what I did, and steps to resolve it.

While this is usually a card write error, my problem was while using an external program to prepare for the Eclipse here in the States I inadvertently locked up my camera with a Err 70 error. After reading the the post below I realized what I did to cause it. I selected a file format my camera doesn't support, RAW + Small jpeg. I don't have C1-3 options on this camera but I do have the original Canon Windows EOSutility.

The t series cameras don't have C1-3 selections so I got to thinking, how can I trick it. This is all I had to do. Hope it helps someone else. I connected the camera, while off, to the computer. Turn the camera on and let the Canon Windows software take over. The camera came up with the Err 70. I went into the Camera Setting/Remote Shooting mode. The software showed the RAW+Sjpeg quality setting. I changed it in the software to a supported setting and restarted the camera. All seems to be well.