Very rare: astro 5D2 + Astrodon filter and external thermal monitor (5D3 coming)

Started by illwieckz, July 07, 2017, 04:25:51 AM

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I just want to say I have on my hand a very rare modified 5D2 model I will sell soon (I will not put any link in this thread, and by the way there is currently no one yet :P ). It's a 5D2 with the standard sensor filter removed and replaced by an Astrodon one. Also, a thermal sensor with an external monitor was placed.

Unlike some other modification (like complete filter removal), the light path is not modified so autofocus is not broken while using standard lens. Also, even if the White Balance is completely modified (and the built-in Canon auto white balance system can't take any decent decision alone), it's still possible to do casual non-astronomical photo, adjusting the white balance the manual way (the easier way to set-it up is to shoot a white paper and ask the 5D2 to compute the white balance from it).

Just before selling it, I will do some reference pics (same settings, same lens, same scene) with an unmodified 5D2 and this modified 5D2, perhaps featuring some Magic Lantern features, and perhaps I will also do some reference thermal comparison comparing the added sensor value and the built-in sensor displayed by magic lantern.

The modification was made by the EOS for astro company. Badly, I have no one astronomical photo to show. The story was: I bought this body and bought the modifications 20 month ago. I was expecting doing the first photos with this body for about two week the last summer, but some change of schedule postponed them for one year. Since this time, I got better financial income, so I'm switching to 5D3. I will buy a 5D3 and buy the same modifications, so this one is on sale now (if you're interested, it's better to send me a private message, I sell that camera but it's not a selling thread).

That future modified 5D3 will be used on an hand-made guided telescope (diameter: 210mm, focal length: ≈1300mm, aperture: ≈6.5 ;D ). The mirror itself was hand-polished by my dad before I was born but it was re-aluminized some years ago. That telescope was built for 24x36 film, hence the need for full frame body, something that is rare in the astrophotography market. Since I already have a standard non-modified 5D3, I will probably do some comparison pic (with standard filter and Astrodon one).

When I bought the 5D2 modifications, I was not aware Magic Lantern was able to display temperature from a built-in thermal sensor, so I have a question: do you think the hardware sensor modification is that worth? If not, I will just buy the 5D3 Astrodon refilter modification, and not the thermal sensor for that next camera.

I made some astro pics with an unmodified 5D3 three years ago with this telescope, and I noticed the telescope is very sensible to any mechanical movement from the body mechanics, including the shutter. That's why Magic Lantern is a very good choice, thanks to silent picture mode (and why I prefer a modified Canon body instead of a Nikon D810a for example). Also, Magic Zoom can be very helpful (to zoom on small details, since the focusing process is entirely manual), and scripting abilities open great opportunities.

I will do the 5D2 reference pics in some days (because I don't want to postpone the selling). I will also do some references pics with the future modified 5D3, and of course, astronomical photos. So expect some additional comments in this thread later this summer or after this summer.  :)


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Yes I made raw pictures (canon raw, dual iso raw, silent raw) and raw video of the same scene, left the unmodifed 5D2 with a Sigma 28-70/2.8, right the refiltered 5D2 with a Sigma 24-70/2.8, same settings for both. Now I have to upload all this stuff. :P


Quote from: g3gg0 on July 12, 2017, 02:44:19 PM
tried raw video yet?

You'll find samples on this repository, including raw video samples (both mlv+audio and mlvlite):
Note that every file published on that repository is distributed under CC0 license (some stuff can probably be uploaded to

I will do 5D Mark III samples in august, I hope there will be astro samples this time.


This is a video based on raw samples from that repository:

For this video I used the raw video sample recorded with the Astrodon-refiltered 5DM2, to showcase how well the whitebalance is recoverable. I did the raw processing on Darktable.