MLV App 1.14 - All in one MLV Video Post Processing App [Windows, Mac and Linux]

Started by ilia3101, July 08, 2017, 10:19:19 PM

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Its for final output to share later, prores proxy the lowest q one gives me  30 mb for 10 seconds , while h265 gives me 3.9 mb, thats a major difference, but i would like to have something like 8mb h265 for 10 seconds.Its cause i dont want to to export prores and then export again as final edit in other software, just prefere to correct in MLVapp and its done, ill direct stream merge the files in avidemux, so having greater control over quality of export with h.265 would be very useful, other programs dont have such good color correction tools but major factor is encoding twice which takes time and disk space.


Hi...i have a problem with mlv app and Dxo...  :D

My 100d Dng are not compatible with Dxo optics pro but in this thread i found this dng which is ok, it is opened without problems.

How is it possible?


I have no idea what Dxo does... I don't own it. Have you tried uncompressed / lossless / other options? Have you tried opening the dngs with other programs? Do you have a sample from your 100d? Have you tried with other MLV->DNG converters?
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One more feature suggestion - overwrite files yes/no.
Because i export all files at once after working on them, not one by one and sometimes i exported 15 files or so but i dont want to figure out which files already are exported so option to not overwrite already existing files would be super helpful with 200 mvl files to export when trying to hunt 20 files already exported .
Another feature is to list mlv files alphabetically or by numbers so its easy to go throught them all.
Also heads up for other guys who would like to preserve details in h265 export, just dont resize it up to 1920 because it will decrase amount of details with current compression values.Original res 1736x730 looks much better than 1920x816 upscale export.


Quote from: 2blackbar on April 06, 2019, 08:33:12 PM
Original res 1736x730 looks much better than 1920x816 upscale export.
This depends on upscaling algorithm. At one point you have to up- or downscale, because I found no screen having 1736x730 until today. Using lanczos will give very good quality, instead of e.g. bilinear or blcubic (most players support).
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Yeah lanczos is totally fine its not about that , its about these megabytes or precious data will be spent on details from 1736 instead of blurred background of 1920, compression only gives out so much kilobytes per frame to work with  i can clearly see footage wihout upscale being sharper and making resolution even higher will decrease detail even more.Its logical.
So ill be exporting in original resolution from now on, i feel current h265 and h264 compression is a bit too high, its too much and files are really very small.
Id love to have total freedom over amount of compression when exporting h264 /265.Eporting 200 files took a couple hours , half of the day, so im totally not up to doing it twice(prores then edit in sony vegas to h264).I even tried export in h264 after stabilizing and edits and total file with all takes came out actually bigger than first exports with all takes from MLVApp together and second export with stabilized footage lost a lot of detail because of double compression, i dont want to go that route.Cant export to prores cause i already hit full HDD message.
Fell in love with RAW and filming everyday, what can you do  :)


Search for h265 in source code. Set quality to 12 or something. Compile. Chances are it won't even be able to play the but quality will be higher. Eill you see any difference? Not sure.


Cant download qt and mingw , i really hit hard with HDD being full of raw data :-X
Whats the minimum size of both qt and mingw on disk to be able to compile ? During install ive seen gigabytes and i lost hope.
Currenlty 10 seconds of h265 in 1920x816 is 3.90 MB, this is too low to contain good detail, i feel 7mb would be enough


this is just an amazing app. THANK YOU FOR THIS!.. this is the missing link between MY CAM - MAGIC LANTERN  and - USABILITY!!
I wonder if it is possilbe to set more than 1 CUT INs AND CUT OUTs. Cause i have a long shot and need to extract multipe scenes from this ONE SHOT File.

Best wishes, and KEEP ON KEEPING ON. sw


And another perhaps handy feature would be a visible control of IN and OUT Points in the bottom area.. (in the ruler)
Best wishes!


And also adjusting the loudness of the sound track would come handy.


Is there a way to show cropmarks (black bars) but still export full frame?
I shoot 16:9 with 2.35:1 cropmarks. It would be nice to see this layout in MLVApp
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Quote from: Dmytro_ua on April 07, 2019, 12:43:48 PM
Is there a way to show cropmarks (black bars) but still export full frame?
I shoot 16:9 with 2.35:1 cropmarks. It would be nice to see this layout in MLVApp



Help does anyone know where I can find an exceptionally cheap 5D mark 2 in America??? I broke my 5D with an accidental smash on a rock, so now I'm stuck with a Sony RX100 taking boring pics :(

I'm at Moab Utah, small place so unlikely anyone is from here, but I'll be at Las Vegas in a couple of days.

I would really happy if someone knows where I can find a terrible condition, super cheap, maybe even partially broken 5D mark 2 (as long as it has enough functionality left to shoot raw video)

Or if anyone has one to sell.



don't you have some websites for local used products in the US? If you go to Vegas I'm sure you'll find another one for cheap!! Best of luck anyway, equipment breaking is so traumatazing, grrr.


there's a pawn shop on every corner... you might have a hard time choosing!


Wich one looks better? Same footage, each one processed using MLV App with Cineon and 100% sharpen at ProRes 444 and the other CinemaDNG uncompressed with Vertical Stripes in Normal. Cineon one color graduated with Sony Vegas Pro and the other with Adobe Photoshop RAW.


You could upload two screenshots for comparison straight to a forum post. Easier to check.


I prefer the second one for colour but contrast is too high, anyway everything depends on the indended mood and scene flow, every colour can be good in general :)




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The rocks on the one below, looks brighter because for me it was easier to grade with Shadow Adobe PS RAW slider. Maybe using the same equivalent slider withing ML App I can achieve the same result. If it looks kind of noisy is because I filmed 1080p 1:1 for an 200mm equivalent from a 24-70mm Sigma Art.


It come to my attention, why I have to sharpen the image 100% withing MLV App so it looks the same quality in sharpness as a RAW processed sequence image using CinemaDNG uncompressed with Adobe Photoshop RAW? It is because when MLV App process a ProRes (we used ProRes 444) format the footage loses sharpness as it's being proceeded as an video format and not image sequence? Or there is another reason for this?


Thought I'd bring up a few issues regarding focus pixels to the MLV App developers.

2blackbar uploaded some sample files that included a shot of a baby that was impossible to remove the focus pixels without giving the baby a case of the measles. Check out the discussion starting here and you'll see what I mean. What worked best was dcraw. Better than any of the MLV apps I tried. Maybe there's something in the dcraw code that you could use to improve focus pixel interpolation? Note that dcraw also has a "median" filter that is like chroma smoothing on steroids.

Another issue came up with a new 100D crop_rec setting that needed a new focus pixel map file. This is a 1x3 sampling setting which we keep touting as the best setting for using Dual ISO on video. The focus pixel map file works fine on regular footage but it has a problem with Dual ISO. Both interpolation methods gave similar results:

MLV App Dual ISO

However, it is working fine in MLVFS:


Not sure why this is happening but since the source code to these applications is freely available maybe the developers can look into it?


Dfort is raising an important issue about cleaning focus pixels in the new 1x3 anamorphic mode.  It allows the EOS-M, 700D and 100D to work well with Dual ISO providing very clean shadows with negligible loss of quality.  It would be very helpful if MLVApp could clean the focus pixels in Dual ISO files shot in the 1x3 anamorphic crop mode.  For those who wish to try here are a few 1x3 samples shot on the 100D with and without Dual ISO:

Unfortunately, Chroma smoothing does not work with Dual ISO 1x3 files.


Came up with another issue today. When exporting 1x3 Anamorphic setting files in cdng format they open up in the "correct" aspect ratio in Adobe Camera Raw but DaVinci Resolve shows the squeezed aspect ratio.

When exporting cdng there is no option to resize:

However, MLV App recognizes the 1x3 sampling and automagically transforms the image and I'm guessing saves those settings in the metadata of the dng files.

Tried it with the latest Resolve version 16 beta and they still haven't resolved that issue.  :P

Ok--so what's the chances of Blackmagic fixing this? Probably low because they came out with their own raw format. Using BRAW was discussed before on the forum and the lack of an encoder in the SDK is a show stopper for that format.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention this in case anyone is thinking of shooting their next feature on an EOSM/100D/700D using the 5K Anamorphic setting, processing in MLV App and grading cdng files in Resolve. Sorry but you will need to resize your files in Resolve.