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selective global drae
« on: July 07, 2017, 11:06:06 PM »
i know global draw decreases preformance of cameras when it is on at the same time you are recording a raw video.
i dont know if that is a general thing like lets say you have all the overlays on vs just one overlay on will it make a difference in preformance or does it not matter and just has to do with the fact that global draw is on in general? but if it does matter maybe someone can make a selective global draw that way you can pick which features you can see while recording vs not recording.
for instance i use focus peaking to better focus manually but i dont really need it while i am recording.
so it would be helpful to have crop marks while i am recording and not have focus peaking since i wont need it once im in focus.
and hopefully that could allow people more versatility in terms of preformance