Author Topic: Exporting DNG's From MlRawViewer v1.3.3  (Read 1656 times)


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Exporting DNG's From MlRawViewer v1.3.3
« on: June 08, 2017, 04:13:34 PM »
Hi guys,

Part of my workflow is converting .RAW video files into DNG's for post processing.
When I load the .RAW file to MlRawViewer I select C-Log.

Now the problem comes! If I export in ProRes, I get the C-Log on the footage, but if I export in DNG's when I load them in Adobe Camera Raw it shows a DNG with high saturation and contrast.

I shoot RAW with a flat profile but in the end I am getting high saturated and contrasty footage.
What seems to be the problem here?