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Cinema Raw Light from canon
« on: June 04, 2017, 02:59:54 AM »

So canon just released the C200 Cinema camera to join the cinema EOS line of cameras.
It records cinema raw light files internally.

Canon also have a new PC and MAC plug in for post processing these raw light files,
I'm wondering if it's possible for mlv files to somehow be adjusted or tweaked to allow compatibilty with this new plug in?. (Maybe MLV files within the Cinema raw light container)
Or an option to convert to cinema raw light using existing post processing tools.

•Why would we want to do this?

Well obviously we already have a wealth of great tools available for processing MLV files, each with there own advantages and disadvantages, but my thinking is becuase this plug in is officially made by canon then logically all major editing software and future apps will eventually support this plug in, and or the actual cinema raw light format natively thus allowing us to use our MLV raw files with lots more freedom in editing programs much like how r3d files are supported.

•We dont need this, cdng does this already?

Well canon says the files are much smaller than raw cinema. 1/5th of the size.
So it would be a viable alternative to cdng for file size, archive purposes while preserving all the raw data

What exactly is this new cinema raw light format?

Maybe its not that much different from magic lanterns MLV?

CDNG raviant?

So is this even possible to convert mlvs to tis cinema raw light format? Legal? Is it even worth it?

Just thought i'd ask the questions.


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Re: Cinema Raw Light from canon
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2017, 03:12:12 AM »
Why would you in the first place there's better tools here on the forum to do the same thing if not better Like MLVProducer . Do you thing because it's free software it better then the ML tools here.