Started by erikbaldwinson, May 25, 2017, 03:50:31 AM

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Trying to run MLVFS in Linux CentOS 7 distro. Figured out how to use the Make function to generate the MLVFS file. Now when I enter in the terminal: ./mlvfs H: --mlv_dir=/home/ebaldwinson/Desktop/MLVS

I am getting back a "Fuse: bad mount point"? Changing the mount point to different letters doesn't seem to return anything good. What does it want? What code are other linux users using as a mount point?


Oh come on, using a "letter in Linux? :)

"mount point" = /home/yourname/mymlvfsfolder/


Quote from: Licaon_Kter on May 25, 2017, 11:39:29 AM
Oh come on, using a "letter in Linux? :)

"mount point" = /home/yourname/mymlvfsfolder/

;) first time linux user

hero user Danne who is the man got back to me with something to try and I removed some parts until I was left with the following which is currently working.

./mlvfs /home/ebaldwinson/Desktop/MOUNT_TEST --mlv-dir=/run/media/ebaldwinson -f -o allow_other

MLVFS is now playing back all file sizes equally in Linux CentOS 7. The only glitch I'm noticing is that regardless of the file size there is a seeking time of about 2 seconds to 4/5 seconds before it snaps to it perfectly.

Other than that this Linux Resolve situation seems really nice. Any tips more than welcome!

PS: Anyone know how to migrate a Resolve Project from windows to Linux? It look liks the .DRP from windows I tried to open in Linux is empty..