Author Topic: Camera display still turns off with Headphone Mon ON T3i Rebel  (Read 514 times)


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I have tried searching through FAQ, duplicate questions, and for hours on google with no luck at solving my issue. The only thing close to my question are posts from years ago saying ML doesn't work with T3i but there are builds for it now obviously. I am actually surprised I haven't been able to find a single post of someone with the same issue I'm currently experiencing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using a Canon T3i Rebel and have installed ML to be able to listen to the audio through a pair of headphone (earbuds) when recording video. I am using the mini usb to red/white cable that came with my camera and the Headphone Mon option is turned ON but when I plug in the cable, the camera's display turns off immediately. When I take out the cable and the display comes back on, I see a message on the screen saying "headphones disconnected". So it looks like it should be working but the display keeps turning off and I can't figure out why.

I downloaded the ML build for 600D/Rebel T3i and have tried with 2 different 64gb sd cards and get the same problem with both cards. I tried turning Headphone Mon OFF and the screen turns off when I plug in the mini usb as expected, and then turn the feature back ON and still the screen shuts off when it shouldn't.

Any idea why the display is turning off when it shouldn't? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks for the help