Author Topic: My Raw video doesn't look great at all..Tamron 35mm video link attached  (Read 2238 times)


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I've been spending a ton of time trying to get video looking like that on youtube and I can't come anywhere close to the detail that's presented in those videos.

I'm shooting at 24FPS, 48 Shutter speed, ISO 100. Using a tamron 35mm lens. 14bit Raw. Pushing exposure to about 0 on the histogram. Went into davinci then premiere pro and uploaded from premiere pro. I did a decent amount of color grading but I'm more concerned with the detail that's coming out of my video. It just doesn't compare to anything I see on youtube of the mark III Raw. Any suggestions?

Walter Schulz

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Most of us use lens attachted to cams for best results.

Please tell some details, give basic information (for example: Is linked vid one you shot or one of those you wanted to have produced?) and at least info which resolution/mode (cropped or else) you used. And it would be fine to see some footage not prone to youtubes unintended postprocessing. We don't know which input you gave Youtube (which may be essential).
Some downloadable footage (processed/unprocessed) would give some friendly mind a chance to try its best in pp.


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Some downloadable footage (processed/unprocessed) would give some friendly mind a chance to try its best in pp.

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Just try Adobe Camera RAW... instantly crispier looking result


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detail looks ok. looks like some blown highlights but maybe thats a choice.. 14 bit raw on what camera? and what resolution?


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@ZakWestbrook: Let me pont out the biggest elephant in this room: photography means "painting with light".
Light is on the back of your singer, but you shoot his face.
You should place him in the left corner, or install a light source/reflector there.