3K/UHD 5D2 Raw development and Other Digic IV Cams

Started by reddeercity, April 06, 2017, 12:22:27 AM

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Quote from: a1ex on May 03, 2019, 12:56:01 PM
TLDR - yes, it's not the preferred way of sharing things, but I don't see it as a GPL violation.
That's a good thing though.
I would label it communication breakdown. Leaning towards either getting this cam myself and do all presets or take active measures to stay off this topic completely(no threat intended)  8).


No need, my plan is to make crop_rec fully generic on all models (arbitrary resolutions, binning factors and frame rates, within the sensor readout speed limits).

That is, I'm going to use the current code (preset-based) only as documentation.


Didn't see that one coming. Looking forward to this coded artwork.


Ah.....thanks a1ex.

I did check back through several pages, hence the merged duplicate posts, and I did check the OP, but it was a speed-read of the OP.  No apologies though, because.....

One could have taken the high road and simply linked to the correct current source, everything sorted.  Pats on the back, apologies.  I mean, you could even link to the current source, and still take a jab at the lack of reading skills of the participants of the conversation.

.......the op got what he was after!


Ugh.. That was the "coming of gods" time... So, i just wanna say to @banertop, that my 1x1 on h264 is absolutely distorted, but not with lines... It was absolutely wrecked.
I do not know if this will be any use in this thread but anyway just in case.

Video from phone (sorry for shaky footage):

Footage from camera:

Also, my 5d2 started to have some problems with turning on, I don't know if it's related to the ML build:


Dont be sad about 1:1 mode.....it is really not worth it.....just an interesting idea, to shoot h264 in crop mode :)


@banertop, Yeah... And as i said, it was very very useful on my previous 650d when shooting some kind of events


I tested the new crop module and at the beginning I thought everything was great, no stripes or anything and I can change the Shutterspeed as I want, but ... later i see "sometimes" (not everytime or always) false greenish blacklevel for some sec.
Yes, I record ALL in manuel mode and i have testet the 1/48 shuterspeed too -> same resultat

Btw. if i set shuterspeed to 1/33, it set to 1/26 -> good for low light

Here a short testfootage, no correction, F11,3, iso 100, 1/48, 10bit (112 black, 1013 white), temp. 5800 -> false blacklevel here at the beginning :


By the way, i can confirm that, i have the same thing that Bender@arsch has


5D3.113 | EOSM.202


ok, i forgot it that the 1 is in the first post, sorry but i can't see 30 only 24 25. this image shows 30


Too many Canon cameras.
If you have a dead R, RP, 250D mainboard (e.g. after camera repair) and want to donate for experiments, I'll cover shipping costs.


#kitor Thanks will try when i coming home! it worked thanks!


 @a1ex yes, you're exactly right .

Just pick up a cheap 50d body from my local camera store with 90 day warranty  :D
when I have time I want to build on @aprofiti early work & porting 3k/UHD crop_rec to 50d
Report : Canon EOS Digital INFO - v1.4 - CANON EDSDK v2.14
Camera Product Name : Canon EOS 50D
Serial Number : XXXXXXXXXXX
Firmware Version : 1.0.3
Shutter Counter : 21006
Battery Level : Battery Level : 80%
Camera Date/Time : Saturday, May 11, 2019 , 11:48:43 PM

Still need to be updated to firm 1.09v , only has 21k shutter activations
Very good shape , just like new almost , $300 cad ($225 usd) .

So I'm wondering now after all that did I waste my time getting this 50D ?
Is the drama over now , can I get back to work ?

FYI , I have always known that a1ex was going to make a generic crop_crop for all cams
but I couldn't wait that long , and this thread is the result of the effort .


well guys,

after some testing, i can say that 2.6k build is the best thing ever happened to 5d2!!!

More useful than anything before -......very filmic, nice resolution, very nice aspect ratio, not so terrible crop with lens like sigma 18-35....

For now, only con is aliasing

5d2 is finally so close to be a true film camera....

BUT....is it possible to deal with aliasing and moire problem? In other crop modes there is no aliasing issues


Quote from: banertop on May 12, 2019, 09:03:27 PM
BUT....is it possible to deal with aliasing and moire problem?
show me please , upload a dng or short mlv file .
It can't happen in 5x zoom , because you are in true 1:1 pixel so there no pixel binding or line skipping .
If I open up the horizontal & vertical to the maximum (5632x3752) which is = to the full res cr2

I have canon "L" lens and I never seen aliasing and moire pattern in crop_rec ,
I use my EF 24-70 f2.8L at 24 in crop_mode and no issue .


ran a adtg_gui log in 1080 mode & 5x zoom mode on the 50d
Looks almost like the 5d2 exactly , just different cmos numbers
shouldn't be too hard to get this in the D4/5D2 crop_rec code .


No a original dng & or a short mlv file , all  I see is bad h264 compression (blocky) & hi ISO noise 


Got some interesting results from the 50D today with adtg_gui

4640x1078 M13-1935_00001.png
4640x1078 M13-1935_00000.dng
Short 11 second h264 clip 4640x1078_8fps-M13-1935.mov

The only real differences I found was sensor pinning is done by CMOS[4] instead of CMOS[2] on 5D2

in 5x zoom default = 0x484 ,  to center the image to the right decrease the second valve (0x424)
I could have move the image a little more to the right in the 4640 test but I have only 1 battery so time is limited
and I wanted to get as much done as possible before battery dies .
So that's close to the maximum horizontal resolution of 4752

I did notice with the mlv's the write speed was 83MB/s , very nice more then 5d2 (75MB/s)
less overhead in the 50d . and with the faster sensor speed 28Mhz I think the 50D
will get a higher resolution then 5D2. But time will tell .


Some old notes which can come in handy on horizontal and vertical, plus a spreadsheet of the initial analysis.

Cmos[5] may be responsible of vertical crop area position; expected full-res up to 7 FPS compared to 5 FPS 5d2, due to faster clock speed.

Haven't tried yet to increase vertical resolution and reduce to minimum timing, because I'm currently experimenting in other areas.
I expect to see some interesting results from you, reeddercity. Good luck! :)


Yes that's right cmos[5] does the vertical offset , tried to increase vertical to 1200 , got it close but can't find the right vertical offset 
have to do it by trial & error and that eat up battery time .

On a happier note , the 50D is a beast ! without trying too hard
I could get 3200x1080 @ 23.965fps (battery running low so I stopped , did have it close to 25fps at times)
Thinking I my get close to UHD(3840) or 3520 with the 50D , thou the vertical is a different story , but the future looks bright for the 50D
So don't sell your 50D yet it my be one of the best for crop_rec.

Here are some test images & H264 files




Looks like I found the horizontal limited @ 23.976fps

I can get about 7 seconds (177 frames) write speed needed is 115MB/s , I get 75-80MB/s .
But I'm really liken this APS-C small (22.3×14.9 mm 4752×3168 ) sensor image , very clean & sharp  :D

Some more samples images & h264 clip


Left hand side has a 200w incandescent light bulb - cam setting 100 ISO , 1/27th shutter, f8 24mm , crop factor 2.0 =48mm (Canon EF24-70mmf2.8L)
Has great dynamic range .


h264 clip,  7seconds 50D-3744x1080_23.976fps-M15-0046.mov

So after this test I think I should be able to get 3200x1300 @ 23.976fps being I'm at 3744x1080 right now .
I may look at getting another 50D ( they're dirt cheap) at this rate , if I can get CF card over clocking working. :)


@Reddeercity I missed why we are talking about a 50D on a 5D2 Thread, I'm game but I just want to see what's the relevance to the 5D2. Have we reach the full width of 3x3 5D2 at 1856, is it official that the most possible stable for 1x1 and 3x3 is 2.6k_5d2_R_T_PreView_4-7-2019_crop_rec and the one thing we have to remember is that we need to push play twice to return to FHD 3x3 mode from 1x1 crop mode, additional we have to delete files in computer because reformat in camera delete firmware also. Thanks for everything you do Magic Lantern & Reddeercity for us 5D2 devotee.
Canon 5D Mark II