3K/UHD 5D2 Raw development and Other Digic IV Cams

Started by reddeercity, April 06, 2017, 12:22:27 AM

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Walter Schulz

7D may be described as an oddball in ML world: Dual processor design and therefore some features are still missing. And ATM there is no serious development to solve dual Digic 4 processor issues.
Don't hold your breath!


I see, thank you, i understand, old camera, not many people interested
i'm using Daniel Fort's magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit_LVState.2019May15.7D203

It's quite good, 2.5k for about 450 frames,

I'm like this build for photos (rec trigger, half shutter pre only)
Silentpics: slow
Burst: good but low resolution (and many purple frames using crop)
Crop video: good resolution, no purple frames (but many useless frames)
Crop video + rec trigger: Good resolution, frames as needed

Walter Schulz

To speed up Silent Pics use MLV, not DNG. See https://wiki.magiclantern.fm/camera_help#silent_pictures
Storing into MLV is considerable faster than writing DNG. Example: 7D, burst mode (94 pics). Writing DNG: 80 seconds Writing to MLV: 24 seconds


Yeah, I'm using mlv, I mean the shutter speed, maybe I should buy a t5i and shoot 1 second of 4K and use as photo


Can anyone recommend a stable build for 2.5k on the 5D2?

Thx in advance.


Quote from: ShittyWebsite on September 26, 2021, 03:01:42 PM
i understand, old camera, not many people interested

Nope, that's not what Walter said. 7D has a very different hardware design than any other supported ML camera.

In general, features of given generation can be easily, often even blindly ported into other models.

7D has two CPUs, each run it's own OS and they communicate with each other. Think of it not like your dual core / dual CPU computer running Windows/Linux/OSX, but more like two computers linked via a very fast network. CPUs share responsibilities that in "normal" circumstances are done by single OS on single CPU.

Thus porting features to 7D is significantly harder, requires knowledge specific to that one model and usually having one in hands to test if given idea works at all.
Too many Canon cameras.
If you have a dead R or RP mainboard (e.g. after camera repair) and want to donate for experiments, I'll cover shipping costs.



From the build of October 03 2020, I can't make digic iso working ( negative or positive value do not affect the picture ) Is there something Im missing to do ?


Quote from: reddeercity on June 14, 2021, 05:04:13 AM
in the process of moving right now , so all development  files are packed up , it was on bitbucket before they deleted it
Plus my FX pc mother board blow up , and it have all my files in a VM so it could be difficult getting them out of the old SSD .
Could be many mouths , not sure maybe fall .
GitHub is a better option than bitbucket.

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@reddeercity hi! if you are still here and following this thread, could you take a look at this https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=26414.msg238174#msg238174
if you can make a build with this option enabled I will gladly test all values from 0 to 0xFF :D

Or maybe some other guys who have all necessary tools installed can do this?


Hey anyone knows what address i neeed to adjust to finetune shutterspeed on this camera  like on EOS M ?

Milk and Coffee

Similar question here: I like having 1/48 shutter speed, but it keeps me from getting 1/4000. How do I get 1/4000 back?
Canon 5D Mark II, Mac/OSX


Hi guys,
trying to use 48fps, seems like I have a white area on bottom part I can't avoid. Any ideas? Not sure in which build should I place the modified modules.


Is this area exist on the captured footage also? 48 fps preset uses less height so you have part of the screen frozen, it is ok..

Modules will work with builds from the first page:
Quote from: Skinny on November 27, 2020, 07:27:12 AM
you need to download this ML build from december:

then, download new mlv_rec.mo
and place it into "modules"

then download new crop_rec.mo
and also place it into modules

and finally download
and add it too.

All those links are from the first post.
This way you'll get all latest features.. Except the 5k build, which can only be used separately.

how to enable 48 fps with realtime preview:
It could be somewhat tricky... try first start in 3.5k with 5x zoom, make sure everything is ok. then switch to crop-mode "off" (and 5x zoom still active), make sure the preview is working, and then select 48fps. If you still don't get preview, switch again to "off" with 5x zoom, and then back to 48.. try it couple of times, it should work.. maybe it could be done easier, I don't know.

And make sure selected type of preview is "auto"



Guys, I heed help:
just can`t get a 4096 X 592 resolution in 4K Anamorphic crop mode!
How to switch it on?


Why you cant switch it on? You just need to select the option in the crop menu.


I just cannot get this to work.
Doing everything suggested and I can only get 2784x1160.
4K anamorphic crop mode just does not work either. I can't turn it on. Selecting it I just get 1180x1248 and lots of lines down the image.
When 'unanamorphing' it in post the image ends up a lot smaller.

Sometimes the display on the camera goes black and I need to take out the battery to fix it.

Walter Schulz

Not enough infos to tell what you are doing wrong. Here is someone able to tell how to do it right:
You will find a preconfigured download there and some other links to optimized handling and settings.
And read Skinny's post above, too.
If not: Come back with more details like card used, benchmark numbers ...


Quote from: reddeercity on July 17, 2019, 07:29:31 AM
You have to start in 3x crop (5x zoom) first , so liveview should say "2144x1074" default crop_mode
then enable 4k 3x1 preset next , refresh liveview again , stay there for a few second (record a few second it you like)
then go directly to FHD48p preset with out refreshing liveview , crop menu will say 48p & frame size of 4064x590 .
next press half shutter then the zoom button once , should now be in FHD 48p (1856x774)
Here a quick flow chart showing the process .

Did you do this ?
It's the simplest preset to enable


Thanks for your reply.
I went through all the steps in a video posted at the start of this thread.

I will now attempt the steps reddeercity posted above.

Live view on. Picture black and white with a pink box along the bottom.
x5 times zoom Liveview menu says: 2152x1074 2.60x
Enable 4k 3x1 2152x1074 (need to set to x1)
Refeshed live view. Now states 1880x1248 2.98x
Selected FHD 48p 1880x1248
Pressed shutter half way and zoom. Now says FHD 48p 2152x1108

That's with the resolution set to highest. If I start with 1920 the numbers are all lower.
In the end I endup with FHD48p 1880x1248

I will watch the video posted by Walter Schulz.


The video Walter Schulz posted. I downloaded the files he posted on the Youtube video and installed them and at first I get similar results to him!
Why are his files different from the ones posted here?
His work the ones here do not.
One of the crop options are now missing FHD 48P results in liveview not working. I need to exit it, go into the ML menu and change the crop option.
Now when I try 3.5K 1:1 centered x5 I get lines down the picture and 4k breaks the liveview now too.
It's very inconsistent. I am stuck.


Quote from: reddeercity on July 12, 2022, 04:19:09 AM
Did you do this ?
It's the simplest preset to enable
here is what i get when i used this preset:
20220814-233617" border="0

Just a black screen no preview, it can record on 48fps no issues but i cant make the preview screen working so i cant frame/focus my shot, any solutions?


Is there a repository for the source code ? I've searched everywhere, but found nothing. Could someone upload it (even as an archive) ?
I've just bought a 5D2 for a very good price (80$), and I'd like to do some tweaks in the code from that version.
I could do a repo for it if needed.


This is what I get now too.
3.5k 1:1 centered totally pink in liveview then it goes all snowy.
48fps and 3X1 4K Anamorphic totally black screen. No GUI at all. Need to exit live view to change out of those..


I want to ask - is this normal in 3x1 mode? (50d) Looks like terrible artifacts...
It's "Zoom 100%" view in latest MlvApp with 3x vertical desqueezing...